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O’Donnell Griffin Partners with Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney To Prevent Traumatic Injury


O'Donnell Griffin has made a major donation to the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney Research Foundation for a research initiative to help prevent injuries.  O’Donnell Griffin is celebrating 100 years of involvement with some of Australia’s most important major construction projects. Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney (RRCS), too, has also been working more than 100 years of working in partnership with  their clients, many of whom have been hurt at work and at play.

The initial project team of ODG Leadership Team and RRCS management and Board Members identified the need to find the cause of the behaviour leading up to a fall resulting in traumatic injury.  Falls are the number one risk for our staff in the industry- and falls are the greatest cause of injury to clients at the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney, often from a height under one metre.

With experts across industry and clinical practice, the ODG/RRCS team determined the aim of this initiative is to ultimately influence the behaviour of people at home and in the workplace to prevent a traumatic injuries through falls.

The Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney  (RRCS) provides highly specialised, individual client-focused rehabilitation services for adults sustaining a wide range of traumatic injury and illness including neurological injury, spinal cord injury, stroke, traumatic brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, orthopaedic injury and amputations, and age related illness or disease.

The ODG leadership team members, who attended the visit to the Centre’s facility in Ryde NSW, were impressed by the dedication and expertise of the staff and clinical associates, the range of rehabilitation programs available to the community and the types of care the Centre provides.

“While financial contributions are very important to organisations like the RRCS, O’Donnell Griffin also sought to become more actively involved in a program we could identify and align ourselves with.   Following discussions between the parties, an opportunity arose to fund a research project  into the prevention of  “traumatic injury from falls” together with the RRCS.  The research project relates both to the community and the workplace and we are looking forward to implementing the learnings which may arise from this research. “ said David Lee, General Manager ODG.

RRCS CEO Peter Williamson said, "O'Donnell Griffin has demonstrated industry leadership in exploring this issue to promote a safer workforce, and ultimately improve quality of life across its organisation and beyond."

“We felt as a company, that we wanted to ‘give-back’ to the community, and participate in a community program that reaffirms our commitment to safety management and accident prevention not only in the workplace but every aspect of life. ” explained David Lee. “ODG is concerned with the safety and care of our people, and supporting the Royal Rehabilitation Centre seems to be a perfect fit for us as a leading Australian industrial contracting organisation.”

“In addition, we will work with the Centre in building awareness and seeking support from other companies involved in the construction industry. We are excited about this community-based program.”

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